#1 rated Car Air Compressor in the USA 

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Never get stranded! You need the #1 Rated Car Tire Inflator: Portable Car Air Compressor Pro™️

  • Fix A Flat In 60 Seconds!

  • LCD Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Built-In Flashlight

  • Multipurpose: Cars, Bikes, Boats, Etc..

  • 150 PSI

  • FREE 3 Adaptors Included


  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  •   Arrives In 3 Days

  • Easy Returns & Refunds



 Are looking for a reliable Portable Air Car Compressor that works 100% of the time? 

Tired of always having to run to the gas station or perhaps concerned that you might get stranded somewhere because your tire went flat?

Well.. You need Portable Air Compressor Pro!

Introducing: portable Air Car Compressor Pro

Portable Air Car Compressor Benefits:

FAST & EASY TO USE- Simply plug this auto tire air compressor into the 12V power outlet and attach the hose to the tire you wish to inflate. You can then just flip the switch and shut it off once the tire pressure hits your desired number. That's it!

11.5 FEET-LONG RANGE-  Long enough to reach all the tires easily. A long cable eliminates the need to unplug each time.

4 Extra Nozzles-Our car tire pump has 4 extra nozzles which allow to inflate all types of tire, such as car, motor, ATV, or midsize SUV, sports equipment, and even air mattresses.

3 FREE adaptors included. Perfect for your inflatable boats, balls and other inflatables. 

Portable Tire Inflator- Keeps pumps handy to fix a flat or inflate air mattresses when you travel away from home.

EASY AS 1,2,3...

easy to use portable tire inflator

Our new Portable Tire Inflator was designed with simplicity in mind. 

Simply connect to your vehicle's outlet and to the tire's valve. Turn off the air compressor once reached your desired PSI, and that's it, your done!


When using  the car air pump enjoy blazing fast pumping speeds as the  fast as 60 seconds to pump your flat tire.

built-in powerful flashlight

The Portable Air Compressor Pro comes with a powerful Built-In flash light.

In case of an emergency you can use the flashlight to help guide you as you inflate your tire in the dark.


Made of the highest quality aluminum to guarantee longevity. The mini air compressor comes waterproof and dust-proof. So you don't have to worry about the car air pump

 breaking on you!

don't take our word for it

  • Eric Decker

    5 days ago

" Spectacular! This is truly a MUST HAVE!!!

"Have you ever come out to your car and found your tire flat, or noticed that tire pressure warning light on when you go to start your vehicle on those cold days? If this has happened to you as it has to me on so many occasions, then this is a pump that you can rely on!

It took me around 10 minutes to pump up a large SUV tire 265/55/18 from 0 psi to 35 psi. See my video for details.

Some of the features that make this product stand apart:

1. Digital gauge- set the desired pressure and let the pump do the rest, it will turn off once the desired tire pressure has been reached.

2. The plastic is of good quality, even the tie around the power cable is conveniently designed for reusability (see pictures)

3. Some additional attachments included for pumping items other than tires.

4. The light is also handy and provides plenty of light output.

It's a great product that does what it is advertised to do, I believe that the specs are true to the actual representation of the item based on my experience. If you are looking for a great pump, look no further!"

  • Brandt Smith

    8 days ago

" Where has this been all my life? Great for emergencies!

"I’ve been wanting one of these portable car air compressor  for a while now. let me be clear EVERYONE CAR OWNER NEEDS ONE OF THESE!

I am very impressed how fast and easy it is to use it and more importantly how effective the tire inflator is.

it gives a huge piece of mind knowing the portable air compressor is sitting in my trunk just in case something happened, it's a must have item in my opinion.

 If you are on the fence on this one don't be you won't regret it!"


Can this work for any type of car?

Yes! the Air compressor pro supports any type of vehicle and tire.

Where do you ship from and how long does shipping take?

All of our products ship directly from our US. warehouses, our estimated shipping times are anywhere form 3-5 business days anywhere within the US.

What about returns? What if I don't like it?

All of our products are backed with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You have 30 days to return the product if you are not satisfied. 

How can I contact you?

We have a very friendly support team to assist you whenever you need help, for any questions simply contact support at: Support@StealADealINC.Com

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Portable Air Compressor, Best Portable Air Compressor, Portable Air Compressor For Car, Car Tire Air Pump, Tire Inflator

Portable Air compressor pro (with flashlight)

  • Flat To Pumped In 60 Seconds

  • LCD Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Multipurpose: Cars, Bikes, Boats, Rafts Etc..

  • 150 PSI

  • FREE 3 Adaptors Included

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Fast US Shipping (3 Days)

  • Premium Quality


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A Must Have!!!

Fast delivery! love this product it is a must have!!

Bought 2 one for every car

Works like a charm!! I bought 2 one for every car

Great Portable Air compressor

Great air compressor and very useful highly recommended

Love the Car Air compressor

The shipment arrived very fast, just like described, good seller.


es bastante más pequeño que en la foto en la foto parece enorme . volveré a comentar cuando lo pruebe It goes perfectly I 've tried it goes hard times to inflate my tires and it's super useful. You can do it anywhere.


super guay tiene muy buena pinta, tengo muchas ganas de probarla a ver si va tan bien como la pinta que tiene


. Simple, practical and very useful. Very satisfied with the purchase. Fast shipping when buying it in Spain, less than 48h!


loud but gets the job done plus easy to store so compact


Order received quickly and without any blow, electric pump as described by the seller on the page. Seller recommended. Thank you.


Producto fiel a la descripción. El paquete llego en tres días con envío desde España. Este compresor portátil tiene unas dimensiones muy reducidas de: 18x15x6cm aproximadamente. Trabaja a 12v DC conectado a la toma de encendedor del vehículo y su potencia máxima es de 120w. Dentro del conector hay un fusible de 10A como protección del aparato y del vehículo. Se incluyen juego de diferentes boquillas para poder inflar balones y colchonetas, así como otro fusible de repuesto. La longitud del cable de corriente es de unos 3m y su manguera mide 50cm, suficiente para llegar a la válvula de cualquier neumático desde el suelo. Ambas quedan recogidas en el cuerpo del compresor. Además incluye una luz led que se acciona con interruptor independiente. Esta lámpara de trabajo es muy útil para realizar tareas de mantenimiento en la oscuridad. El modelo con pantalla digital te permite seleccionar la presion deseada y que se detenga automáticamente cuando se alcance. Se recomienda usarlo con el motor del vehículo en marcha. En las pruebas realizadas he subido la presión de 1,7bar a 2.05 bar en poco más de un minuto. Se calienta un poco y obviamente es algo ruidoso. Recomiendo dejarlo enfriar unos minutos por cada 5min de uso continuado para no dañar el compresor. El motor es potente pero el mecánico de pistón, biela y engranaje es de plástico y aunque esta lubricado, el calor excesivo podría dañarlo. La pantalla digital permite seleccionar unidades psi o bar y ajustar la presión cada 0,05bar. Lo compre por 14€ y a ese precio no se le puede pedir más, aunque le añadiría unas patas de goma. Es muy útil para emergencias o una revisión puntual de las presiones de las ruedas de vehículos (coche,moto,etc),mas aún cuando muchas gasolineras cobran por este servicio.

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LOVE IT! 5 Stars from me

it’s Perfect! Compact! Easy to assemble and roll around.
Small enough to store away in a closet. Great for beginners bike.

Exercising on a budget! Love this exercise bike!!

Inexpensive and easy to put together. .
Smooth ride. Very pleased. Highly recommend this bike.

Worth every penny!!

My kids love the slide a lot!! it was very easy to set up and didn't take long to get here.
This will save me a lot of money this summer as I always used to rent these things!
Now they can play as long as they want all summer long, love it!!

My daughter and I LOVE IT!! ❤️

This seriously has to be the BEST PURCHASE I MADE THIS YEAR!!
My daughter and I have been playing outside all day, we couldn't get enough!
The surfboards are so much fun and make you wanna keep sliding all day.
I got this when it was on a great sale and received free surfboards as well! Thank you!!!

Smells pretty strong on plastic