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Super Bright Outdoor Solar LED Garden Fence Lights (Special Deal)


Why settle for regular lights and jack up your electric bill?  

  • Tremendous Savings On Your Electric Bill!

  • Super Bright & Rechargeable 

  • For: Fences, Yards, Patios, Gardens

  • Covers up to 100 ft 

  • Easy Installation: (Using 2 Simple Screws) 

  • #1 Outdoor Solar Lights For Yard

  • Fast & FREE 2-Day Shipping 

$89.95$24.90You Save 72%
4-Pack8-Pack (Most Popular 🔥)

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Voted #1 Solar garden Lights In The USA

See Them In Action...

Thousands of customers are now enjoying

 HUGE SAVINGSon their electric bill and so can you!

These beautiful outdoor solar garden lights will enhance your overall home look as well as brighten up any dark areas!

All purpose Outdoor Solar Lights

The outdoor solar fence lights are perfect for illuminating stairs, paths, gardens, decks, they can also light the front door, back yard, driveway, garage, etc…

Thousands of happy customers can't be wrong!

"...Much better than other brands"


"I've used several brands of garden solar lights and these solar fence lights have weathered our Florida sun and salt the best of any. 

I can replace the rechargeable batteries about once a year and the light will last about 2 1/2 years before I have to replace. Much better than others I've tried."

"...Now it is safe!"


"The stairs from our deck to the pool and backyard were dangerous after dark.I ordered two sets of these solar fence lights and now the stairs are lit up and easy to navigate. 

It took no time to install them and there was no need for electricity..."

"...Great buy!"


"Easy to install, I used them on both wood and tiles, they are very bright and pretty straight forward with installation. they were on all night "

"...We Love These Solar Lights"


"We love these lights! They work really well and light the area much better than we thought. We are planning to buy more to add to the other side of the deck."

Super Bright Outdoor Solar lED lights

  • Enjoy HUGE SavingsOn Your Electric Bill!

  • Built-In Rechargeable Batteries

  • For: Fences, Yards, Patios, Gardens, Decks

  • Covers up to 100 ft 

  • #1 Outdoor Solar Yard Lights


Auto-Charging Solar Garden Lights

On sunny days, the outdoor solar light takes only 3 hours to be fully charged. They turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Waterproof Solar Fence lights- 

Built to last!

With a hard ABS shell and the high quality solar panel, the outdoor solar deck light is designed to withstand rain, wind and snowy even days.

Now Only: $24.90

As a special deal now you can purchase 1 outdoor solar LED light and get an additional 3 solar lights completely FREE with your order. 

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Where do you ship from and how long does shipping take?

All of our products ship directly from our US. warehouses, our estimated shipping times are anywhere form 3-5 business days anywhere within the US.

What about returns? What if I don't like it?

All of our products are backed with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You have 30 days to return the product if you are not satisfied. 

How can I contact you?

We have a very friendly support team to assist you whenever you need help, for any questions simply contact support at: Support@StealADealINC.Com

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Super Bright Outdoor Solar LED Garden Fence Lights (Special Deal)

Outdoor Solar LED Garden Fence Lights (Special Deal)

  • Buy 1 Get 3 FREE! 

  • Tremendous Savings On your Electric Bill!

  • Bright Rechargeable LED Solar Lights

  • For: Fences, Yards, Patios, Gardens

  • Covers up to 100 ft 

  • #1 Outdoor Solar Yard Lights

$89.95$24.90You Save 72%
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Fast US Shipping (3 Days)

  • Premium Quality


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Supersonic hairdryer

This is not the hairdryer you will receive!!! I've gotten 2 shipments and both are some other hairdryer! IF this is the one you REALLY WANT, order elsewhere!!! I've waited about 2 months and still they are not sending correct one as in pic. The one they keep sending has a screen on end and if you have long hair it will get sucked in on the screen and and you have to cut or break hair to remove dryer from your hair! Also takes a long time for them to respond! Very frustrating! I'll be sending them back, again. If they ever respond. Lol

Love the pretty white and gold!

Love the colors. I just received my airwrap yesterday. it came in 5 days. I used it once and it's great so far.

LOVE IT! 5 Stars from me!

The golden airwarp looks way fancy! I am in love.
Once you get one you will see what I mean, the pictures don't really show how nice and cute this airwrap actually is.

It works!! ANA I LOVE IT!!!

It took me a minute to get use to to it but now I am a pro lol the airwrap looks super nice and fancy! Thank you!


The curls come out beautiful and i noticed that they stay for longer. I use the Airwrap for everything now, it comes with a strong dryer too, so thats nice!

No Regrets! ❤️

Honestly this does everything the Dyson does for a fraction of the price. The material great the airwrap is light does the same thing an overpriced dyson would do that's what I wanted. Definitely recommend and easy to use

Love my Airwrap!

This product works great! I still have a lot to learn with it being I’m not someone who is good at doing hair to begin with! The leather case is gorgeous 5 stars overall


It was amazing. my daughter is very happy.

We loved the hemets!

Top my daughter and I loved them! had to order a second one for my other kido!

I love, I honestly recommend at the top of the top the little one of my nephew will love too I'm sure too beautiful❤️❤️