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66 lb Adjustable DumbbellAdjustable Dumbbells, Adjustable Dumbbell Set, Best Adjustable Dumbbells, Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

  •  Up To 66 LBS

  • Adjustable 

  • Train All Muscle Groups

  • FREE Shipping


  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Fast & Free US Shipping (3-5 Days)

  • Premium Quality

Maximize Muscle Gains!

Wanna get strong? Wanna get lean? 

Or maintain your physique? 

Well...Now you can with the 

RX Adjustable Dumbbells! 

The All-In-One multifunction training system that raises the bar on upper & lower body exercise.

Build a Hollywood type of body with our new RX Adjustable Dumbbells


All from the convenience of your own home!

Portable easy to store yet very effective and easy to use.

  • Heavy Load (66lbs)

  • Durable Made To Last

  • Firm Grip

  • Portable, Take it with you!

Your Ultimate Personal Gym!

 The RX Adjustable Dumbbells your home into your own personal gym in just seconds.

It's unique design will give you a firm grip allowing you to push more weights, do more sets, and get stronger!

Build An Incredible Upper body Fast!

Strat off with shoulder shredding flys, some bicep curls & some dumbbell chest press, to develop and strengthen your shoulders, arms, chest !

With our new RX Adjustable Dumbbells your are now able to train whenever and wherever you please. 

The RX Adjustable Dumbbells allows you to perform multiple exercise variations such as: 

Dumbbell Back Rows, Shoulder Dumbbell Press, Triceps Extensions, Biceps Curls and of course Chest Press!

Take It To the floor!

Switch up your routine and

 keep challenging your muscles...

Take it to the floor for deep push ups for a greater range of motion and NO strain on your wrist!

Then finish your your workout with GUT BUSTING crunches for rock hard abs & obliques!

easy as 1,2,3...

The RX Adjustable Dumbbells were designed with simplicity in mind. 

Simply adjust the dumbbells to your desired weight then start your training.

Drop down one level or move up one level according to your needs.

Durable Built to last!


Made with powerful alloy and zincThe RX Adjustable Dumbbells come waterproof and dust-proof. So you don't have to worry about the Dumbbells rusting or breaking on you. Made to last in extreme weather conditions.

Pumped To Workout?!

Don't wait! we are running low on stock, order now & hit your goals this year!

 RX Adjustable Dumbbells is the way to get in serious shape fast in just minutes a day you'll build lean muscle and get ripped as you will be able to do: 

Dumbbell Back Rows, Shoulder Dumbbell Press, Triceps Extensions, Biceps Curls , Chest Press & many more!

Every exercise you need to build a strong body in no time!


How heave are these adjustable dumbbells?

The RX Adjustable Dumbbells can go up to 66 lbs total weight.

Where do you ship from and how long does shipping take?

All of our products ship directly from our US. warehouses, our estimated shipping times are anywhere form 3-5 business days anywhere within the US.

Can I return it if I don't like it?

Yes! all of our products are backed-up with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, for returns please email our support at: Support@StealAdealinc.com

You can also view our full return policy here.

Why Choose Us?

📦 Fast Shipping! 

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66 lb Adjustable DumbbellAdjustable Dumbbells, Adjustable Dumbbell Set, Best Adjustable Dumbbells, Adjustable Weight Dumbbells


  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Fast US Shipping (3-5 Days)

  • Premium Quality

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
The quality is over the top

Most of the adjustable dumbbells on the market are cheaply made and literally break on you.
When I ordered these I was skeptical about the quality but im glad as I was wrong.
These adjustable dumbbells are very easy to use and alternate between weight levels with no issues at all.
They also feel much much heavier than they look which is a good thing!

In between sets (rest period) is when I actually adjust the weights either higher or lower.
I usually do my chest training on the floor on a yoga mat.
What's good about owning some adjustable dumbbells is that I noticed myself doing a lot of pyramid training and lots of drop sets.

If you are looking for some good quality adjustable dumbbells without breaking the bank, these guys will do just fine.

I am very sore! hahaha

I was afraid that they might be crappy due to the low (for COVID-19) price but they are fine, actually great for the price!
I have trained my chest and arms yesterday and man i am sore!! I have not trained in a while so it would probably take me a minute to adjust.

Exactly what I was looking for!

I purchased the 66 pound dumbbells from this company and I honestly I was not expecting much.
I was very impressed with the quality and ease of use, the adjustable feature is great as it allows me to do lots of drop sets!
Overall I give this a solid 10, price, quality, and ease of use, love it.

Amazing quality for that price!

I have been looking for some adjustable dumbles for the past week or so and most of them were either very pricey or just bad quality.
These kinds of hit the sweet spot! a great amount of weights for a very reasonable price.

Darian Arnold
Better price than anywhere else!

Received in the package ..worth the value,
Was looking everywhere for free weights everybody charging so much.
Didn’t expected more.. Very happy that I found this website with great prices for other fitness products as well.

Jeri Diala
Wow this A lot o f weights for the money

They came 3 days early. No problems. Everything was in the box.
This was a great purchase. There is a lot of weights in the box.
Everything the pictures showed was in the box.

Layla Feest

delivery very good. Need to have time to test now.

Manuel Boyle

Track number tracked delivered fast quality good

Jermain Bashirian

Works well, good product.

Jayme Dooley

love it!

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